Monday, May 19, 2008

Pretend Tooth Fairy

on the eve of his 6th birthday....

technically it's his 2nd lost tooth, but it is the first one that fell out the way it should have (not from an injury) so I'm counting it as his 1st lost tooth! (the "real" lost tooth is the one on the bottom!)

Johnny is very excited that the "pretend" tooth fairy will visit him on his birthday.
(We told Johnny that there isn't actually a "fairy" who delivers money to people when they lose their teeth, it's just a fun game we play. So, he began calling her the "pretend tooth fairy")

Here is a picture I took of Johnny when he got his first tooth. (yes - I know he has a "friend" in his nose!)

When I asked him to show me his tooth - this is what he did...kind of looks like a mug shot!

Now we will always remember that Johnny lost his first tooth on Grammie's birthday!

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Kim said...

Congrats Johnny!!