Saturday, May 10, 2008

It's Too Quiet

Johnny's Occupational Therapist told me it would be really good for his fine motor skills to use tape. Pulling and tearing the tape would work the areas he needs.

Today he found some wrapping paper and asked if he could wrap a present. Immediately I saw the opportunity to work on his "skills" with cutting the paper and taping the paper. He wrapped up one of his toys and opened it.
Honestly you would have thought he was opening a Christmas present he had never seen before. He was so excited to open this present. The present he wrapped, a toy that he already owns....go figure. (I think we are on to something...forget buying presents, we'll just wrap up the ones he already has. Heck, he can even help us wrap, it'll be good therapy!)

I left the room and Johnny began playing and having fun. For about 45 minutes he entertained himself. I enjoyed the peace and quiet of not having to get anything for anyone (Maisy was napping), knowing full well that I would pay for it later....which I did!Little bits of wrapping paper, and our laundry, all over the floor. I'm not sure what exactly was going on, but he sure had fun!
Then he asked me to wrap him up like a present...
And just because...

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