Monday, April 21, 2008

4 Months!

Maisy is 4 months old!

(when Johnny was 4 months we thought this was a perfect time to take our family on the road for one of Gabe's comedy weeks....The next family comedy week was when Johnny was 3!)Maisy is doing well. She has had some struggles with her tongue and is now in therapy. She has exercises to do to help strengthen her tongue. She's working hard and we area already noticing a difference.
(i looked over and Maisy had fallen asleep while playing!)

Maisy is still very calm. She enjoys playing with her toys and is slowly starting to put them in her mouth. Sometimes Johnny shares his blankets with her and she LOVES them so much. If she is near them she will reach out and grab them. She has her own blanket just like Johnny's, but apparently it's just not ratty and smelly enough yet...she prefers his.This picture makes me laugh because Johnny gave Maisy his blanket to play with and then "hid" for the picture. He thought this was hilarious and was certain I couldn't "see" him!!Recently overheard from Johnny...

Daddy? What 'anguage' does god speak? (we decided god probably speaks all the 'anguages')

Johnny: Is Burger King healthy food?
Daddy: No
Johnny: Well it sure TASTES GOOD!

Johnny's little buddy Helena told him that she thinks god is a girl. And that god can fly. Johnny, being into only "boys" right now was quite bothered by this thought. He decided we should type this into google to get a definitive answer. (gabe and i couldn't stop laughing thinking of how many "definitive" answers we would find on google!)

Johnny has decided when he dies he wants to be a cupid angel so he can shoot people with his bow and arrow. (personally i think he's still trying to find a way to get around that no shooting policy in his parents house!)

Johnny and Mommy are very into collecting the toy cars from the movie Cars. (At this point, the obsession has become more Mommy's than Johnny's.) Johnny says that we share the Cars toys and when he learns of a new one he will say "mommy will you put that on your list for us to share?". Recently there was a Cars toy that Johnny wanted and I said "Well, we can put that on your list" and Johnny replied "no, mama, I don't want to use space on my list; let's put it on yours and then you can share it with me when you get it".

Johnny is quite sexist right now. Anything pink or a doll Johnny assumes that Maisy and Mama want on their "lists". I've explained to him that anyone can like anything. Maisy might even like helicopters. He was absolutely stunned and said "no mama, Maisy will like barbies". (Maybe he's right. I spent the first 3 years of his life offering him dolls and they were only used for hammering.)

Every Monday night Gabe and Johnny go to "Boys Night Out", which consists of browsing toys at Toys R Us and going to dinner. (gabe's not positive but he thinks most 'boys nights' wouldn't necessarily include browsing at a toy store) Last night Johnny and Gabe went to Subway for dinner and Johnny had to go Number 5 (see this post for #5 definition). If you are unfamiliar with Johnny, this is quite a production which includes stripping off all his clothes. Sometimes it tends to be quite lengthy. Here is a dialogue from last night:
Gabe: Johnny let's hurry up
Johnny: Why?
Gabe: Because someone might be waiting to use the bathroom
Johnny: What will happen if they can't get in? Will they go all over themselves?
Gabe: No, they'll probably just use the women's bathroom
Johnny: (with a smirk) YOU CAN'T DO THAT!
Gabe: I have, if the mens is being used and it's just a single bathroom
Johnny: Did an alarm go off?

Johnny and Gabe came home and Johnny ran in the house yelling "GOOD NEWS MAMA! WE got ice cream!"

Momo got Johnny a new jacket that was very soft. He put it on and said "this feels just like Pajamas!" He went to school the next day and showed everyone his new jacket and said "it feels just like Pajamas". (Aside from wearing his tummy (being naked) Johnny's favorite thing to wear is pajamas!) Johnny showing Maisy how to play with her toys!

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