Saturday, March 22, 2008

3 Months!

Maisy is now 3 months old!
Sometimes she even smiles at us! But usually she looks concerned, just like this...
She has discovered her hands and has a preference for her right one. She spends ALOT of time staring at her fist!

Johnny had his first incident of "fighting" with her over this green chair that she is sitting in. He thinks it should be his chair only and got quite angry with her for sitting in it. To be honest, it was kind of amusing watching him get so angry at a 3 month old. As you can see, once he got his turn in the chair he was not getting out for anything!Last night we dyed easter eggs and Johnny enjoyed having his hands turn colors like the incredible hulk.

It's official! Our job is complete! Mommy and Daddy took a helicopter away from Johnny because he flew it over Maisy and dropped it on her head. Johnny yelled at us "YOU'RE RUINING MY LIFE!". ( only took 5½ years! We are over achievers!)

Johnny has recently learned that sometimes people assign numbers to the business they do in the bathroom. He has decided when he does "both" it is called #5. It's not unusual to hear him running down the hall yelling "I'M GOING NUMBER 5"!

About once a week daddy takes Johnny to Target or Toys R Us to browse toys. They have been doing this for years and Johnny has always been fine just browsing and looking at the toys. Last week he had a startling realization - "Daddy, sometimes it's boring just browsing the toys, sometimes I would like to buy them!".

Johnny is amused that Maisy has alot of hair and constantly asks me "How come OUR baby has all THAT hair?".

Johnny has a loose tooth. His bottom right tooth is loose. Judging by how little Johnny touches and wiggles it, it should fall out by the time he's in high school!

Baby Bailey came down to visit. She spent the day calling Maisy "Baby Jesus" and chasing Don calling him "Donner". Johnny learned that Bailey used to have a cat, but they got rid of it because it scratched Bailey. He then told me that Bailey's mother, Kim, should know that it's ok that Bailey chases Don, but that he might scratch her and we aren't getting rid of him.

While they were visiting, Kim told Bailey that when the show she was watching was over they were going home. Then, Kim stayed here while Mommy went to the store. Unfortunately the show ended while I was at the store. Johnny got concerned and told Kim that she really couldn't leave yet because he isn't allowed to stay home by himself. He wasn't too worried, just wanted to make sure Kim knew his mommy might get mad if he broke one of the rules.

Johnny has had a growth spurt, which we learned of when he returned from school and said "Mama! You can't send me in these pants ever again. I busted right out of them at school today!".

Mommy has made Maisy some more hats. So far we've been told it looks like a Cupcake, a Fraggle (remember Fraggle Rock?), a dandelion, a baby chick, cotton candy, a frosting cap, a cue tip, and a muppet. She has no idea she looks like any of these things!

And is the progression of Maisy! She's begun trying to get out of the stocking when I put her in it!

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