Sunday, December 25, 2005


Finally! It has arrived. I was pretty certain that if we had to wait another day Johnny was going to explode and tinsel would shoot out of him! He's a bit like Buddy the Elf and has fully embraced his love of Christmas!

Johnny the Elf

a visit to Santa Claus with Baby Bailey, Cassidy and Alex

We began the holiday season by selecting a tree at the local tree farm. Johnny was so excited to see the "mountain reindeer". We wandered out into the forest and finally came upon the 1st patch of trees. Johnny stopped and exclaimed "this is it! Here's out Christmas tree!" in front of a beautiful Evergreen tree appoximately 25 feet tall. (hello Clark Griswold!)

Johnny selecting a more practical tree

Helping daddy take the tree back to our car

Johnny loved decorating the tree and couldn't understand why mommy and daddy didn't go faster.

Another very exciting part of Christmas was giving Grandpa the special gift of fixing our vacuum cleaner. Embarrassingly it only needed a new belt. Just our luck - they come 2 to a package and we now have one hanging from our tree. I'm not sure if you are familiar with the brand of vacuum cleaner we have. Although it looks like Eureka, according to Johnny it's a "mele Kalikimaka" vacuum cleaner.

We had our annual hirstula making party and Johnny loved cooking. Hirstula is a Croatian Christmas cookie that is covered with powder sugar. Johnny also enjoyed his annual after hirstula bath.

Finally! Christmas Eve has arrived!

Johnny was so excited to finally get to open his present from Baby Bailey!

And also enjoyed playing with the train table Momo and Papa gave him

Johnny also enjoyed playing with his new airplane that has a "memotem control" (remote control)

Separately we took Johnny shopping to buy the other parent a Christmas present. Gabe was very close to getting a lovely set of hairbrushes and perfume; but Johnny settled on a football. Don't worry - I'm not spoiling any surprises by telling you Gabe's present. The very next day Johnny said "Daddy, we went to Target and got you a football for Christmas". Gabe quickly replied "I can't wait to open it on Christmas". Johnny can't wait for him to open it either as he's reminded him everyday since! (by the way, I'm getting a car that Johnny and I get to play with; or at least I hope he lets me play with it!) Since we both took him shopping at Target Johnny is convinced all Christmas presents come from Target. During this holiday season he can often be heard saying "I wonder what we'll get Papa from Target for Christmas".

Johnny has loved singing Christmas carols. Unfortunately he has made up new words. Here are a few samples of Johnny's Christmas carols.

House on a tree top, Reindeer Pause, Out Jumps Good Ole Santa Clause

Frosty the snowman, had a very shiny nose

We wish you a merry year; Good tidings we bring to you and your kid

Have a happy holly Christmas when you're walking down the street; watch out for my car la la la la la

Deck the halls with balls of holly; ya ya la ya ya...

Recently Grammie and Johnny had a "playdate". As daddy was leaving he reminded Johnny to be good for Grammie and to listen to her. Johnny replied "and I shouldn't yell at her".

We have been honest with Johnny and told him that Santa Clause is a fun story we tell, but there isn't really a man in a suit who flies in a sleigh and slides down chimneys. He doesn't believe us. We have a wood stove; Johnny decided Santa can just come through our front door.

Hoping you have a happy holiday and have as much fun as we will.

For us, the festivities won't end on the 25th! Daddy's birthday is the day after Christmas and Johnny can't wait to eat daddy's birthday cake!

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