Saturday, September 17, 2005

End of Summer

Johnny had an exciting end of summer! We visited the animals at the Point Defiance Zoo. Johnny enjoyed the beluga whales, the monkeys, the elephants, and the walrus (which was actually swimming around and not just laying on the rock looking like a huge couch).

Looking at the animals

Going down the slide in the new kids area

He also played dress up with his friend Helena and he looks pretty goofy in his dress and sneakers!

And Johnny has finally moved out of his crib and into a new bunkbed!

Just kidding! He's still in his crib and loving it! Do you think they'll let him take it to college with him?!?! (I'm sure most of you will be more shocked that I actually have an empty space in a cupboard!!!)

Funny things Johnny is saying right now:

When I took away a toy he hit me with "no no no that's NOT a good idea!"

Johnny: Mama, Kim's baby is Johnny.
Mama: No, Kim's baby will be named Bailey.
Johnny: Mama's baby is Johnny. (pause) Kim should name her baby Johnny.

Mama, what it is? (you and I might choose to ask "What is it?"!)

Momo's name is Sandy. Papa's name is Mr. Papa.

Papa: Johnny, your helicopter is flying upside down.
Johnny: (after turning it over) Now it's flying upside up.

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