Monday, April 25, 2005

Johnny is sick

Johnny is sick with a sinus infection. Everything he says is very cute because his nose is stuffy and his throat is hoarse.

Even though he's sick, Johnny managed to find time to put a lid on his head that had been used to cover a pot of popcorn. He had a huge greasy spot in his hair and needed a bath. We agreed to let Johnny to help Daddy take the mail to the mail box before his bath; but Johnny didn't want to come in after he was done. He decided that he would rather go into our neighbor's house, Dick, and take a bath with him. mmmmmm....... Dick doesn't like Johnny to touch the grass that he mows every other day; I doubt he would appreciate Johnny going into his house unannounced and climbing into the bath with him. But; it would be a funny sight.

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